Industrial Pack

Back to list Industrial Pack DescriptionDescriptiont description This Add-on Industrial Pack comes with a Turntable and a Tripod only. Einscan Pro 3D scanner is not included. With this Add-on module, you will be able to run automatic scan, matched with full-automatic table, or free scan fixing the scan head to the tripod. You can take[...]

Colour Pack

Back to list Colour Pack DescriptionSpecificationsDescriptionThe EinScan-Pro multi-functional 3D scanner can offer both portability and high-accuracy due to its four versatile operating modes: Handheld rapid scan, Handheld HD scan, Automatic scan and Free scan. It offers the best of both scanner types: highly-accurate desktop scanning and portable, handheld scanning. High Speed In de handheld scanmodus,[...]

Einscan PRO+

Back to list Einscan PRO+ DescriptionSpecificationsVideoDescriptionThe EinScan-Pro+ carries on the consistent excellent scanning quality of the EinScan-Pro. It provides multiple scanning modes and delivers simple and fast scanning with its convenient handheld design. The new EinScan-Pro+, offers a brighter and more fashionable champagne-gold color. Although similar in appearance to the EinScan-Pro, it is full of[...]

Einscan PRO

Back to list Einscan PRO DescriptionSpecificationsVideoDescriptionThis next-gen EinScan-Pro is a revolutionary all in one handheld 3D Scanner designed for capturing complex geometry. Featuring four different modes of operation, allows you to capture from small precision parts to large complex geometry.Recommended retail price: 4 703 EURSpecifications  Scan Mode Handheld HD Scan Handheld Rapid Scan Automatic Scan[...]