PA12 Smooth 2 kg

Back to list PA12 Smooth 2 kg DescriptionSpecificationsDescriptioniMakr's Verdict Sinterit PA12 Smooth Powder is a high quality Nylon powder with a particle size of 20 - 100 microns. By combining this with the Sinterit Lisa SLS 3D printer complex parts can be created with no support material. Key Features PA12 Smooth powder is a Nylon-12[...]

The Sinterit Lisa SLS

Back to list The Sinterit Lisa SLS DescriptionSpecificationsFilamentsVideoDescriptionThe Lisa is a perfect solution for low-cost multi-prototype processes, especially when high volume scale of end product’s production implied the necessity to create high-cost plastic injection mould. Sinterit Lisa features and benefits Plug-and-play: no installation or calibration needed. No supports: with SLS technology, 3D prints do not[...]