Innofil3D’s Polypropylene Filament For 3D Printing

Polypropylene Filament

Innofil3D's new product for 3D printing

Innofil3D has released a new material called Polypropylene (PP) for 3D-printing. As of now this engineering material, which is widely used for industrial applications, is finally available for our resellers.


Polypropylene or PP is widely known as a solution for automotive applications, (household) appliances and liquid containers. The main features of this material are:

● Low density

● Resistance to fatigue

● Chemical to resistance

● Elasticity and toughness

● Insulation properties

Technical Data Sheets








The proof of the pudding is in the eating and Innofil3d has collected and translated data of the mechanical properties of 3d-printed specimens. This has been done according to the ISO standards 178, 179 and 527.

To complete the engineering product portfolio, Innofil3D has also released ASA and HIPS.

ASA is part of the ABS family and is ideal for outdoor usage due to its properties: resistance to UV and toughness.

HIPS is known as a support material for ABS in the 3D-printing community. It dissolves in D’limonene. Because it has the same operating temperature as ABS it is an ideal material to use as a support material. But what most 3D-printing users don’t know is that HIPS is known in the industry for its excellent post processing properties. It is easy to paint, glue or sand, which make it an ideal material for props or cosplay features.

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