Closer look at XYZ Da Vinci Colour 3D

XYZ Da Vinci Colour 3DThe new solution for the 3D printing industry. Not that long ago XYZ has launched their new desktop FDM-inkjet printer, that is promised the be an outbreaking new technology with the full colour spectrum, high quality and great reliability. The first-ever in its kind, the printer could become a game changer[...]

Innofil3D’s Polypropylene Filament For 3D Printing

Polypropylene FilamentInnofil3D's new product for 3D printingInnofil3D has released a new material called Polypropylene (PP) for 3D-printing. As of now this engineering material, which is widely used for industrial applications, is finally available for our resellers. PropertiesPolypropylene or PP is widely known as a solution for automotive applications, (household) appliances and liquid containers. The main[...]