Closer look at XYZ Da Vinci Colour 3D

XYZ Da Vinci Colour 3D

The new solution for the 3D printing industry.

Not that long ago XYZ has launched their new desktop FDM-inkjet printer, that is promised the be an outbreaking new technology with the full colour spectrum, high quality and great reliability.

The first-ever in its kind, the printer could become a game changer within the industry and compete with such giants as Project CJP from 3D Systems, Connex 3 polymer of Stratasys and others.

In order to check the new developments, one of the 3D Printing Media Network journalists has visited ZEST presentation in Malta to talk with the Cin-Yee Sirya Ho, the marketing manager of XYZ printing for Europe.

Main points

Multi-Colour Ink


Color-Inkjet PLA Filament


Precise Prototyping

The article, which is available on the claims that the printer is ‘certainly reliable’ and while the prototyping was being printed there were zero interruptions of the machine. Technologically, the device is using the CMKYK colour system with the inkjet heat printing the outer surface of each filament layer. The filament is which PLA which was chemically modified to better absorb the colour. ‘The machine is able to reproduce millions of colour combinations and the quality of the colour is generally very good, as is the precision of the images’ - claims 3D Printing Media Network.

The most amazing part of the printer is its price, making it the one of the best low-cost devices with impressive results. Namely, if you are interested in prototyping and modelling application, that do not require ultra-high precision, such as the one, what could be done with 3D Systems, you should definitely check out this printer.

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