Modify3D Tools

Modify3D Tools

Modifi3D is a heated tool designed to finish, repair and modify 3D printed designs after printing. Modifi3D comes with four interchangeable tips, designed to replace much of the sanding and scraping often associated with finishing off 3D prints. Modifi3D is shaped like a pen, making it comfortable to use and easy to control when precision is important.

The four tips are specially coated to prevent sticking, and come in the shapes of a needle, a knife, a scoop and a point. Each shape is meant for a particular purpose, and together they make Modifi3D a particularly handy and practical accessory for any 3D printer. Modifi3D is compatible with any plastic material, including PLA and ABS.

Recommended retail price: 39, 99 EUR

Connectivity USB 2.0 or USB 3.0
 Power 5V 8W
 Cable 1.5 m
 Weight 120 g
Temperature Max 420°-450°CUp to 300°C in less than 15 seconds


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