da Vinci 1.0 PRO 3in1

da Vinci 1.0 PRO 3in1

da Vinci 1.0 PRO 3in1 features all the same great qualities as the da Vinci 1.0 PRO, and more. The main difference between the two models is that with 3in1 you not only get a 3D printer, but also a built-in 3D scanner and an optional laser engraver.

The da Vinci 1.0 PRO printers are XYZprinting’s first 3D printers aimed at the more advanced user. da Vinci 1.0 PROs are essentially improved versions of the bestselling da Vinci line from XYZprinting, but unlike the other family members, the da Vinci 1.0 PROs have an open source filament system, making it possible to print with third party filaments.

The da Vinci 1.0 PROs print in higher quality than the other da Vinci 3D printers and are connectible to computer, tablet or phone through WIFI. XYZ has also developed a new software specifically for the PRO 3D printers, making it possible to select the thickness of each layer, adjust the temperature and decide whether or not there should be support when an item is printed.

Recommended retail price: 899 EUR

Printing technology: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Build volume (WxDxH): 20x20x20 cm
Layer resolution: 100 microns (Fine)
200 microns (Standard)
300 microns (Speed)
400 microns (Ultra Fast)
Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
Print head: Single nozzle
Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm
Filament material ABS/PLA
3D Printer Software
Software package: XYZware for Pro
File types: .stl, XYZ Format (.3w)
Supports: Windows 7 and above /Mac OSX 10.8 and above
3D Scanner
Scan Technology Slit Laser Triangulation
 Scan Resolution (ØxH)  3×3 cm – 15×15 cm
 Scan Resolution  2140 points/cm2
 Turntable Payload ≦ 3 kg
 Scan Accuracy  0.25mm
 Scan Software  XYZscan
Laser Engrave (optional)
 Engraving Area 20cm x 20cm
 Laser Wavelength  350mW ± 10%
 Laser Wavelength  450nm + 5nm/-10nm InGaN
File Types  JPG/PNG/GIF/BM
 Laser Software  XYZware for PRO
Device Physical dimensions
Product Dimension (WxDxH): 46,8×55,8×51 cm
Package Dimension (WxDxH): 56x70x59 cm
Gross weight: 26 kg
Hardware Requirements PC: X86 32/64-bit compatible & i3 Intel CPU or above PCs with 4GB+ DRAM
MAC: 64-bit compatible Macs with 4GB+ DRAM

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