3Doodler Nozzle Set

3Doodler Nozzle Set

A changeable nozzle set for the 3Doodler. Includes different sizes and shapes of nozzles as fun alternatives to the basic nozzle included with the 3Doodler.

The Nozzle set is made up of three main items:

1.The Nozzle Holder, which also functions as a nozzle removal tool.
2.Six different sizes and shapes of nozzle, including a ribbon tip, square tip, triangle tip, a super fine 0.5mm nozzle, and thicker 1mm and 1.5mm nozzles.
3.A smoothing tool that clips onto the end of the nozzle, allowing you to smooth over or create contours and details on your Doodles.

Recommended retail price: 21,99 EUR

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