Innofil 3D


Innofil 3D is a Dutch producer of an innovative premium line of 3D printer filaments. The filaments are monofilaments, which are the printing material for FDM/FFF 3D printers. Research, development and production combined in one company makes Innofil3D a leading and reliable player in the fast growing market of 3D printing.

Innofil’s product line includes both ABS and PLA materials as well as a few special filaments, in a wide range of colors. As a European producer it follows strict quality controls.


Flame resistant PLA filament from Innofil3D


Water soluble filament from Innofil

Innofil3D PLA Filaments

PLA Filaments from Innofil3D


Food-safe PLA filament from Innofil


InnoChange from Innofil3D

Innofil PRO1

Professional filaments from Innofil3D


Flexible PLA filaments from Innofil

Innofil3D ABS Filaments

ABS Filaments from Innofil 3D


Glow-in-the-dark filament from Innofil